Heating System Repair & Replace


Forced Air Heating

Lee & Sons offers everything from heater maintence and service, changing your filters, cleaning your ducts, replacing your ducts to upgrading your system. Please give us a call for heater repair and installation.


Wall Furnace

Lee & Sons works on all types of heaters. We can maintain, service or repair your wall furnace.

Fireplace Gas Line Repair

Inspect, test, and protect your family

Do you have a fireplace that is not working or you would like to switch to gas? Call Lee & Sons for your gas line. We are here for all your heating needs. Even in Santa Barbara County we have some chilly nights.


Hydronic Floor Heating

Do you have a hydronic heating system that is not working? Call Lee & Sons for hydronic heating repair. We do not install hydronic heating but we are here to help if you currently have it in your home.